Sarah Ioannides, Music Director

Announces vocal auditions for Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story Suite No. 2 (concert performance)


On October 21, 2017, Symphony Tacoma will present Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story Concert Suite No. 2 at the Pantages Theater.  Concert Suite No. 2 is 15 minutes long and requires seven singers.  1 soprano, 3 mezzo, 1 tenor, and 2 baritone.  There will also be a piano/vocal performance of the work at the Symphony Tacoma Fundraising Gala on Friday, October 20 at 5:30pm.



Please note that the times listed below for rehearsals with orchestra are complete 2.5 hour services.  The actual Concert Suite rehearsal time will be within that service and last approximately 1 hour.


Thursday, August 31 2017: 6:00pm Finals Auditions (accompanist provided) Pantages Studio 3

Wednesday, October 18 2017:  2:00pm to 5:30pm Piano rehearsal with Sarah Ioannides, Location TBD

Thursday, October 19 2017:  3:30pm to 6:00pm Rehearsal on Pantages Stage with Orchestra

Thursday October 19 2017:  7:30pm to 10:00pm Rehearsal on Pantages Stage with Orchestra

Friday, October 20 2017:  2:00pm to 4:30pm Dress Rehearsal on Pantages Stage with Orchestra

Friday, October 20 2017:  5:30pm Gala Fundraising performance with piano at Tacoma Art Museum

Saturday, October 21 2017:  7:30pm Performance on Pantages Stage with Orchestra



  1. Maria (I Feel Pretty and Tonight) $750
  2. Anita/Francisca* (America, Tonight as well as “Girls”* on I Feel Pretty) $750
  3. Rosalia (America and also “Girls” on I Feel Pretty) $550
  4. Consuela (“Girls” on I Feel Pretty) $450
  5. Tony (Tonight) $550
  6. Riff (The Jet Song and Tonight) $750
  7. Bernardo (Tonight) $550



Soprano (Maria):  I Feel Pretty and Tonight

Mezzo (Anita/Francisca, Rosalia, Consuela): America and Tonight

Tenor (Tony): Maria and Tonight

Baritone (Riff and Bernardo): The Jet Song and Tonight



To apply, please review the honorarium and schedule, then upload a private Youtube video of yourself performing (with piano accompaniment) the two songs that are listed for your vocal part.  When the uploading is complete, please send the private link and a 1-page performance resume to



Resumes and video links to working videos must be received by 8:00am on Monday, August 21

Finalists will be chosen by Friday, August 25

In person, finals auditions will be on Thursday, August 31 at 6:00pm

Contracts will be offered to the winners on Thursday, September 7