2018 Auditions

Attention experienced singers of all voice types!
Symphony Tacoma Voices is holding auditions for new singers:

Monday, September 10
6 to 9 pm
First United Methodist Church
621 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma

Be prepared to sing a song of your choice and vocalize with Chorus Director Geoffrey Boers.
To schedule an audition, contact Saul Cline, scline@symphonytacoma.org or 253-272-7264 x4.

Chorus Director

Geoffrey Boers is Director of Choral Activities at the University of Washington in Seattle, a program widely recognized as vibrant and forward thinking. Under his direction, the graduate choral program has developed a singular mission: to nurture the whole student as conductor-teacher-servant-leader-scholar.  Through his teaching he is exploring the evolution of conducting gesture and rehearsal pedagogy and their connection with the emerging neuroscience of mirror neurons, empathy, perception, learning, and personal transformation.

His exploration has led to new thoughts about conducting and teaching with regard to breath, movement, artistry, personal awareness, and cultural development. His work has led to the development of mentorship for local cohorts of teachers across the United States and Canada. Most recently he has developed a level-based Choral Literacy Rubric, a system for development of musicianship, assessment, adjudication, and repertoire grading. It is now being BETA tested in five states and provinces.

When not working with the Symphony Tacoma Voices, Geoffrey conducts the UW Chamber Singers, a choir of graduate and advanced undergraduate music majors studying choral conducting, vocal performance, music education, as well as many students from programs across campus. The choir is noted for its vocal agility, varied color, and expressivity, and have been featured at many festivals, conventions, and workshops, including NWACDA, Musicfest Canada, and at the national conventions of the American Kodaly Educators, National Association of Schools of Music, and American Musicological Society.

In relationship with the UW’s nationally recognized Baltic Studies program and Baltic Choral Collection, the Chamber Singers have travelled to the Baltic five times, and will return again in 2019. The choir has just released its first professionally produced CD, …behold again, the stars, on Centaur Records.

Symphony Tacoma Voices

The 70 member Symphony Tacoma Voices has a long and proud history as part of the Symphony Tacoma organization. The choir consists of professional singers, music educators, as well as amateur singers from across all walks of life in the south Puget Sound region. Our choir, ranging in age from 16 to 86, represents the best of what arts can do for people in a community. Amateur means to work at something one loves. This work then is reflected not only in our energetic and inspiring Monday night rehearsals, but in our volunteerism, our fund raising and support for the orchestra, our visibility in the community and our international travel. Under the leadership of Geoffrey Boers, the choir has toured to China, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, and Bosnia.

Section leader names are in bold:


Sibyl Adams
Amy Carter
Marisa Castello
Kasey Eck
Carolyn Flynn
Sara Forte
Anna Hagen
Amanda Hansel
Lindsay Hovey
Karen Irwin
Alicia Johnson
Janine Keat
Jenn Kinney
Heather Koch
Denise Lees
Laura Ludwig
Karen Patjens
Deirdre Quigley
Jill Westwood
Julie Whalen


Katie Adams
Rebecca Anderson
Rachel Border
LeeAnne Campos
Cheryl Drewes
Katie Elshire
Liz Fortenberry
Sue Green
Jennifer Guadnola
Erika Hagen
Judith Herrington
Kayla Hoots
Linda Kammerer
Julie Keeter
Coni Liljengren
Amanda Mackey
Kerstin Shaffer
Karla Stoermer
Sharon Stritzel
Cara Swenson
Kathryn Tuite
Keighley Wimett




Andy Clare
Ash Conger
Dennis Davenport
Ronald Doiron
Ben Keller
Charles Koonce
Kyle Laird
Jim Moller
Steve Moon
David Olson
Tom Oswald
Eric Stenerson
Chris Trujillo



Jakob Boers
Bernard Crouse
Scott Donaldson
Kent Edmonds
Jared Grimes
George Guenther
Kevin Hovey
J. Edmund Hughes
Evin Lambert
Pat Michel
Richard Nace
John Petersen
Reinhold Schuetz
Kenneth Schwartz
Peter Seto
David Wimett
Tim Wrye