COVID-19 has made it unsafe for us to perform live concerts, but it can’t stop us from making music! Like many organizations, we have had to create new systems to continue our mission of building community through music. Until we can meet again in the concert hall, we are pleased to introduce these virtual series so we can continue to share symphonic music experiences with you.

All events are FREE of charge! Just log in and enjoy!

Join Symphony Tacoma for chamber music performances through our YouTube channel. Each performance will last approximately 45 minutes and features groups of socially-distanced musicians performing themed programming.

Revisit the magic of Symphony Tacoma performances! Join YOUR Symphony Tacoma for a monthly series of encore rebroadcasts of favorite concerts on our YouTube channel. Audio recordings will be accompanied by visuals including video segments, photographs and program scores.

Get to know our musicians, guest artists and members of our community with these behind-the-scenes conversations hosted by Music Director Sarah Ioannides. These 30-45 minute talks will premiere via Facebook Live and will be posted on our YouTube channel the following day.


View our current season line-up >


NEW! Preview Our 2021-2022 Season >


Watch on a small screen:
On your home computer or laptop, simply click the link above to go directly to the video premiere on YouTube. Be sure the volume is turned up by clicking on the small speaker icon in the lower right corner of your screen. You can expand the picture by clicking the “full screen” button in the lower right corner of the YouTube player (hit ESC to return to the smaller window).


Watch on a larger screen:
Connect your TV and laptop using an HDMI cable (most devices purchased in the last decade have an HDMI port but you may need to purchase a cable). Commute to the input selection menu on your TV and select the input you just connected. Your laptop screen should now be mirrored on your TV.


Test your connection in advance so you don’t miss a minute of the music. Then grab a beverage and some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy!