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Sunday, Mar 25, 2:30 PM
Rialto Theater
Tickets: $ 19 – 82

Beethoven/Cooper: Symphony No. 10

Haydn: Trumpet Concerto

Brahms: Symphony No. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 10 in E major is a hypothetical work, assembled in 1988 by Barry Cooper from Beethoven’s fragmentary sketches. This title is controversial since it cannot be proven that all the sketches assembled were meant for the same piece. There is, however, consensus that Beethoven did intend another symphony, and this is a fascinating, provocative and beautiful work!

2016 was a landmark season for Charles Butler, during which he landed dual appointments as Principal Trumpet with Symphony Tacoma and Portland Opera. With this performance, Mr. Butler makes his Tacoma solo debut in Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto.  This work of 1796 was among the first written for the fancy newfangled keyed trumpet, which–unlike the old natural trumpet–could play chromatically throughout its entire range.

Brahms spent at least fourteen years completing his Symphony No. 1, which was finally premiered in 1876. Conductor Hans von Bülow referred to it as “Beethoven’s 10th,” noting the strong resemblance between the main theme of the finale and that of the finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Also, Brahms uses the rhythm of the “fate” motto from the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. This comparison annoyed Brahms; his use of Beethoven’s idiom was an act of conscious homage, not plagiarism. Brahms himself said, when comment was made on the similarity with Beethoven, “any ass can see that.”