Beyond the Silk Road Part II: Scheherazade

Saturday, September 26 | 7:30 pm

The romantic and beloved Scheherazade is a symphonic suite that tells the captivating story of the Arabian Nights and illustrates Rimsky-Korsakov’s genius for orchestration and musical characterization. A grim bass motif in the low brass portrays the domineering Sultan who, convinced that all women are faithless, vows to put to death each of his wives after their first nuptial night. Conversely, a solo violin accompanied by harp represents the heroine Scheherazade as she tells her nightly stories to distract the Sultan from killing her. Rimsky-Korsakov paints vivid pictures of Scheherazade’s tales in the mind of the listener—the adventures of a young prince, the love story of a prince and princess, and the sounds of rolling waves at sea.

Original performance date: February 23, 2019

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