The Symphony Tacoma Voices (STV) is a diverse chorus, a blend of gifted amateurs from all walks of life, music teachers and professional musicians. The “Voices” meet once per week throughout the season, preparing numerous collaborations with Symphony Tacoma, their annual Messiah performance, and a yearly standalone concert. In addition to their music rehearsals, they serve in various volunteer positions throughout the Symphony Tacoma organization.

In July 2023, STV traveled to Europe where they sang at the opening concert of Festival of New Music (FENOMUS), a year-long celebration of modern choral music in Lousā, Portugal. There they performed a selection of recent American compositions and the Portugal premiere of Eugenio Rodriguez’s work, Eres (Tudo).


Geoffrey Boers, Conductor

Dr. Geoffrey Boers has been conductor of the Symphony Tacoma Voices since 2002. He is also the Ruth Sutton Waters Endowed Professor of Music at the University of Washington in Seattle. There he leads the choral studies program which consists of three faculty, a cohort of fourteen in-residence graduate conductors and seven choirs. He conducts the UW Chamber Singers who have collaborated with local and nationally renown artists to present concerts of distinction.

Dr. Boers travels extensively for conducting and teaching engagements. He has written a ground-breaking literacy rubric which is being adopted by ACDA and NAfME, the national choral and music education organizations in the United States, as well as in Canada, where it will be appearing in a newly written French edition.

Amy Elizabeth Boers, Collaborative Artist

Amy Boers is well known for her work as a pianist, accompanist, singer and conductor, giving her keen insights as a collaborative artist. She was named Principal Pianist for Symphony Tacoma in 2018 and has been a collaborative artist with the Symphony Tacoma Voices for many years. She also works with Pacific Lutheran University where she coaches and performs with both vocalists and instrumentalists.

2023-2024 Symphony Tacoma Voices


Sibyl Adams

Mikaela Alger


Elizabeth Berndt

Simone Bogar

Chantel Dozier

Bianca Fillis

Catherine Graham

Melanie Hangca

Lindsey Hovey

Alicia Johnson

Jenn Kinney

Sarah Krogstad

Denise Lees

Nanette Leslie

Sophia Lucero

Laura Ludwig

Karen Patjens

Paige Silva

Anne Slaughter

Robyn Strand

Carmen Van Soest

Katja Whelan


Katie Adams

Beckie Anderson

Heidi Bone

LeeAnne Campos

Meghan Courtney

Katheryne Elliot

Liz Fortenbery

Ellen George

Madison Hamilton

Katy Hassing

Judy Herrington

Amanda Mackey

Doreen Milward

Maribeth Moore

Ruth Mueller

Erin Oliver

Savannah Rutherford

Kerstin Shaffer

Finn Sharp

Karla Stoermer

Sharon Stritzel

Katie Tuite

Zoe Wolf


Andy Clare

Denny Davenport

Kevin Hovey

Barry Johnsrud

Liam Kerschner

Raj Kumar

Kyle Laird

Evin Lambert

Colin McNamara

Steve Moon

Dave Olsen

Erik Poehlman

Derek Sellers

Jon Shaffer

Eric Stenerson

Kyle Yeversky


Alan Aplin

Andrew Austin

Jonathan Beck

Jonathan Courtney

Scott Donaldson

Luke Gregerson

Brad Hagen

Nick Hall

Austin Kay

Paul McGriff

Rich Nace

Ken Schwartz

Josh Sellers

Rafe Wadleigh

Bryan Watson

David Weir

Tim Wrye

Interested in Singing with the Symphony Tacoma Voices?

While our personnel is set for this season, we encourage you to let us know of your interest.

First, tell us about your experience and interests by completing our STV questionnaire below.

Next, please be our guest at an STV audition meet-up, where we can meet in person, you can watch and participate in an upcoming rehearsal and get a glimpse of the choir, the community, and our work together. We hold two meet-ups, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Finally, if you are interested in joining the group, come to our next audition date.

Upcoming Audition
Monday, September 11, 2023, Location TBD
We will send out an audition invitation before that time and ask you to verify your participation.


June 5: Rehearsal

June 9: Dress Rehearsal

June 10: Concert - American Contemporary Classics

June 19: Tentative Rehearsal

June 26-30: Cascades Masterclass Choir

July 10: Rehearsal

July 25-August 5: Symphony Tacoma Voices tours Portugal and Spain

September 11: Auditions

September 18: REQUIRED Section Voicing and Seating (Sopranos and Altos 7-8pm, Tenors and Basses 8:15-9:15 PM)

September 25: Rehearsal

I look forward to meeting you!


Geoffrey Boers
Conductor, Symphony Tacoma Voices

Personal Information


Musical Information

Have you ever held a position of leadership in an organization, choral or otherwise?
Would you be interested in a role of leadership (section leader, committee membership)?
Are you willing/able to volunteer for special projects of STV or Symphony Tacoma?