Vision 2025

2016-2025 Strategic Plan

Innovative.  Vibrant.  Engaging.  Everywhere!

Vision 2025

Our Story

It is 2025 and, with every performance, the Symphony Tacoma creates a freshness that makes it stand out among Pacific Northwest orchestras. Its innovative and vibrant programs delight an ever-expanding and diverse audience, often in non-traditional venues.  Musicians play with skill, joy and pride.  Performances—whether in the hall, on the green, or in the schools—are engaging and transformative for both ensemble and audience.

Young and old, musical neophytes and veterans alike flock to experience orchestral music that is innovative and building community everywhere.

Our Cornerstones and Commitments

Performance:  We embrace artistic vibrancy as our driving force, delivering creative and transformative musical performances.


  1. Create an inclusive artistic vision that guides programming outcomes.
  2. Achieve ever-improving mastery, imagination, artistry and teamwork in our musical performances.
  3. Establish the Symphony Tacoma as a performing arts leader in the Pacific Northwest.


Community:  We promise to be an engaged and collaborative community partner, and a musical leader of Tacoma’s cultural renaissance.


  1. Develop meaningful partnerships that embed the Symphony Tacoma in the community.
  2. Make music education possible for all ages.
  3. Create a robust pipeline of new programming ideas matched to our evolving community.

Stewardship:  We commit to inclusive leadership, sustainable growth and continuous improvement.


  1. Advance the financial health and sustainable growth of the Symphony Tacoma.
  2. Establish policies and capital for managing artistic risk.
  3. Develop a culture of open communication and shared purpose among Board, Staff, Musicians, Chorus and other stakeholders.