Music has always been one of the first things humans call upon in times of celebration, fear and tragedy. Doctors tell us that music enhances the function of neural networks, slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and further reduces stress.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed all segments of the world. Like many of you, Symphony Tacoma charted a new course this year, navigating the volatility and uncertainty in our lives. This crisis has impacted our community’s health, wealth and spirit. At Symphony Tacoma, we asked ourselves, what role could we play on the path to recovery? How can we strengthen our community through music?

We immediately made plans and decisions that allowed us to adapt and continue to bring you music even though we weren’t able to perform together. We organized our Encore concert series, which allowed you to re-experience your favorite performances, our Interludes chamber concerts, and our Facebook Live events that allowed you to go behind-the-scenes and interact with the artists. We delivered more than 100 hours of online educational programs over Zoom to area students this past fall, helping to keep them engaged with their music studies.

With your support, we will continue to offer all of these programs in 2021, all free of charge! Please make a gift to support Symphony Tacoma. Your support ensures the music plays on and continues to strengthen our community.

Thank you!



In 2019, the Foss High School orchestra class was cut from course offerings due to budget issues. Confident and inspired by their Symphony2U coaching, 11 enterprising students took it upon themselves to organize their own “Zero Period” Chamber Orchestra class, and our musician coaches never missed a 6:30 am session!

These dedicated students advanced to the Statewide Solo and Ensemble Competition! With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, it is uncertain when they will compete, but their Symphony2U coaches continue to work remotely with these young musicians so they will be ready when the time comes.