Our Top 10 reasons why Symphony Tacoma is worth your support:

  1. We have Maestra Sarah. And her passion!
  2. We keep symphonic music alive and relevant. Our performances feature classics from centuries past as well as “new” classics from today’s composers. We’re not afraid to mix it up!
  3. You help make our concerts accessible. Did you know that ticket sales cover only 25% of our annual costs? Your donations help cover our expenses so we can keep ticket prices affordable.
  4. You don’t have to drive to Seattle to hear truly amazing classical music. Our musicians are top-notch! And Maestra Sarah rubs elbows with many world-renowned soloists that she brings to Tacoma. (Did we mention the gorgeous Pantages Theater?)
  5. We are good for our community. Cultural events— like LIVE symphonic music—attract diverse, knowledgeable and talented people to our community.
  6. We are an investment in the future. Many of you or your kids have attended one of our Mini Maestros or Simply Symphonic concerts. Or benefited from our Symphony 2U mentoring program. We strive to create “transformative experiences” for all kids!
  7. We are a 501c3. Every dollar you donate is tax deductible (good for you!) and directly supports the music (good for us!).
  8. Local dollars for local music. Symphony Tacoma is YOUR orchestra.
  9. We are one of Tacoma’s oldest arts institutions. 73 years old to be exact. But we still feel like we’re 25.
  10. We have GREAT plans for 2019-2020. Featuring major works by Mozart, Mahler, Rachmaninoff and Gershwin, the season will also be punctuated by three prominent works by Beethoven in recognition of his 250th birthday. You’re not going to want to miss a moment!


Your gift to Symphony Tacoma is a gift to our community. Thank you!